Halal industry in Vietnam sees great potential
Halal industry in Vietnam sees great potential
Published: Jul 13, 2022 9:26 AM
Updated: Jul 15, 2022 9:07 AM

Vietnam’s Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry held a conference in Hanoi on promoting international cooperation in developing the country’s halal industry.

This conference was aimed at assessing the current state of the halal industry and looking at future possibilities, exploring ways to encourage cooperation and take advantage of international resources to expand Vietnamese companies' presence in halal production chains and supply chains worldwide, and determining strategies for promoting comprehensive and sustainable development.

Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Quang Hieu said Vietnam has great potential in developing the halal industry and stressed that the government is committed to supporting local businesses when they enter global markets.

He added that many Vietnamese agricultural products meet food hygiene and safety standards and are favoured by Muslims because they meet halal certification requirements.

Lack of information about the market and halal standards and high production costs have caused Vietnamese businesses to face difficulties in producing and exporting halal products.

There is also stiff competition from many countries with similar export structures in Vietnam as it lacks its own trade promotion mechanism for halal products.

In addition to international attendees and experts, business representatives shared experiences and strategies for developing the halal market in Vietnam.

As part of its efforts to support the development of halal products and services, Vietnam has been advised to use international cooperation and resources, especially with Muslim and Asean countries.

According to the estimates, Vietnam should be developing policies to attract foreign investments to build halal production facilities that meet international standards, as well as help its businesses connect with prestigious halal certification organisations and partners around the world.

Source : HalalFocus

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