JHCPO signs a strategic partnership with WASABIH
JHCPO signs a strategic partnership with WASABIH
Published: Nov 17, 2022 9:24 AM
Updated: 9:28 AM

Japan Halal Certification Certification Promotion Organization (JHCPO) aims to promote the Muslim Lifestyle in Japan and to spread a better understanding of this lifestyle and Islam in Japan. Through their activities, they contribute to the enlightenment of the region and service industries about the Halal way of life, to the revitalization of domestic activities and to the improvement of travelling or residing Muslims in Japan.

As a participant in the Saudi International Halal Expo, the very first B2B Halal exhibition to be held in Saudi Arabia, JHCPO and its delegation exhibited and highlighted Japanese products aiming at entering the Middle-East market.

Beyond their ambition toward the Saudi Halal Market and the +5.8% of annual growth of the MENA Halal Market, JHCPO was looking for the right partner to support their international expansion, their digital development and the alignment with JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) certification, recognized globally as one of the best known and longest existing Halal governing bodies, upholding and supporting international standards. 

With an international network covering 50 countries and strong business technologies, Wasabih positioned itself as the ideal partner to fulfil JHCPO’s ambitions. After discussing ways to partner and support each other. JHCPO and Wasabih signed on 10 November 2022 a Partnership Agreement at Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC), Saudi Arabia.

Wasabih is creating the largest online business community for professionals to connect and grow their businesses in the global Halal Economy with proprietary technologies and solutions. Hosting the Official Business Community of Saudi Halal Expo, Wasabih was powering the Event registration and Business-matching platform of the event. 

Notably, as part of the Partnership Agreement with JHCPO, Wasabih is in an ideal place to…

  • facilitate connections between JHCPO and relevant Malaysian organizations in charge of supporting companies in the acquisition of the JAKIM certification,

  • introduce JHCPO to Halal B2B event organizers an help JHCPO’s members access international Halal markets,

  • support JHCPO’s digital initiatives and promote JHCPO’s services and its members on the online community www.wasabih.com, dedicated to professionals working in or wanting to work in the global Halal Economy.

Abdul Qudir Kato, Chairperson of Japan Halal Certification Promotion Organization (JHCPO), and Mamadou Ndiaye, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of Wasabih, Halal Economy Business Community, signing a Partnership Agreement at Saudi International Halal Expo 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC), in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 10 November 2022.

By facilitating business interactions between international actors of the Halal Economy, like the partnership between Wasabih and JHCPO, Saudi International Halal Expo made a noticeable first step in the world of the Halal B2B exhibitions this year. 

Visit their websites to know more about Japan Halal Certification Certification Promotion Organization (JHCPO) https://jhcpo.com/ and Wasabih www.wasabih.com.

Content provided by Wasabih.

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