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Program CSR CIMB Islamic Memajukan Perniagaan Mikro

Ikuti bual bicara CIMB Islamic X Kinihalal Episod 10 bersama hos anda Syilda Ismail dan para panelis dari program-program keusahawanan anjuran CIMB Islamic berkongsi pengalaman mereka menyertai program tersebut sehingga mereka berjaya memajukan perniagaan kecil mereka.

What's next in Halal Industry?

Kinihalal is a contemporary program tracking changes in the halal industry. We believe that halal products are healthy and ecological, serving the needs of the conscious consumer. Its appeal is now growing beyond the traditional islamic community into the mainstream.

The show tracks these changes both for the consumer and the business owner, highlighting innovation, business strategy and consumer trends. To help business owners, we associate their brands with the exciting changes in the halal industry, position them as forward looking and aspirational, for social influencers and business leaders.

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